Planner Training

TEPCO has taken a good look at today’s industry and the project controls profession in general. We have built relationships with many clients and through them understand the demands on today's project control professional. Upon review, we find many of project control professionals are highly qualified in one area or with particular software, but are insufficient in other areas. We have taken an 'all in' approach to create training classes showing the power of software integration and teaching how critical every piece is to each other. In each of our 3000 series courses we discuss the topics in detail, making key references to the areas they directly influence.

3013 The Turnaround Planning Process
Duration: 3 Days
Cost: $1250
The Turnaround Planning Process course was created to give you the basic tools and information needed to create a detailed planner package and explain the importance of the role. During the 3 day course, we will cover the importance of a "detailed" planner package, roles & responsibilities of a planner, change management for planners and planners' impact on the schedule. These topics will successfully prepare you for your upcoming challenge as a Turnaround Planner.

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